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Bodyworks By Calhoun has accepted the mission to deliver educated practiced focused attention with deep

respect for the individual body, mind and spirit of each client.


 Ms Calhoun Stallings has earned membership or certification in the following:

Professional Member of Florida State Massage Therapy Association. FSMTA ( provides resources to support the massage profession in Florida.  This includes keeping me informed on relevant legislation and opportunities for elevating the profession.

Secretary for the Emerald Coast chapter of FSMTA (  2012, 2013, 2014 as secretary, I am exposed to teachers and techniques from a wide variety of bodywork modalities.  It is a great opportunity to pick and choose the best teachers and best courses for my passionate pursuit of bodywork skills.

Professional Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.  ABMP ( publishes one of my favorite professional journals for excellent articles going deep and wide into information and education possibilities.  As a member I receive this journal and free webinars and professional consulting resources. 


Member Georgia Herbalist Guild ( The GHG has grown since the early days when I had just gotten my herbal certificate in 1998.  The guild is beautifully tended.  Whenever my time in Atlanta coincides with a guild meeting, I am sure to go.  The programs are always informative and inspiring AND these days the meetings are held at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens (bonus)!


American Herbalist Guild new member 2013.  On moving to Pensacola, I found there was not a local herb guild, so I joined AHG. I am in agreement with AHG's standards of practice and I recommend their article here .   Please see my Herbal Medicine page to learn more about my training.


Certificate Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Release from the Institute of Structural Energetic Therapy, Inc.  2013

Volunteer Therapist at the CranioSacral Community Clinic in Decatur,GA third Sunday monthly.

Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy (2012), CranioSacral 1 (2013), CranioSacral 2 (2014), SomatoEmotional Release I (2015), SomatoEmotional Release II (2017) The Upledger Institute describes craniosacral therapy here.

Applications of Upledger CranioSacral Therapy, Massage & Bodywork for Autism taught by Tami Goldstein, WLMT, CST 2017

Identified as a student of the Ingham Method of Reflexology, 2013  My teacher Laurie Azzarella has been practicing reflexology for over 20 years.   Awesome stuff. .

Academy of Somatic and Healing Arts (ASHA) graduate 2009:  Certified in Swedish Massage, Sports Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy.

 2004 to 2006 daily visionary practice and 58 hours leading group trance work.

Reiki Attunements 1998 To 2004  with April Myrick of the Usui lineage.

Foundations of Herbalism 1998 from The Living with Herbs Institute under Patricia Kyritsi Howell and Althea Northage-Orr.

Seasonal Herbal Courses with Patricia Kyritsi Howell 1999 and 2000.

Sacred Plant Medicine with Stephen Buhner 1998

Ecstatic Trance Postures with Robinette Kennedy 1998 to 2000 and again 2014!!

Regular attendee to the monthly Women's Shamanic Circle in Sandy Springs.

June 2014 (including the Solstice), I studied with Baramasta Nepalese Shaman,Bhola Banstola.  I was honored to share my work with him during a break in the workshop.  He affirmed my work as a shaman and as a craniosacral practitioner.  I find the two are very compatible.  




Body-Mind-Spirit and CranioSacral


In June of 2014, I was inspired to treat my teenage son after reading about stored anger releases in 'SomatoEmotional Release' by John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M. (2002).  My son has told me, 'I have anger issues' since he was five years old.  I have witnessed the jaw clenching, growling, shouting, defensive, resistant behavior that has plagued his social life.  Over the years, I have tried many things: dietary changes, breathing techniques, fish aquarium, 90 second time outs as described by Jill Bolte Taylor and more, more, more.  He achieved momentary improvement only.  I asked my son if he wanted me to try this technique for removing stored anger.  He was an immediate yes!

Once he was on the table, I contacted his body and mentally informed it we were ready to release stored anger, please show me what to do.  I followed the promptings coming from his inner wisdom (called the 'Inner Physician' by Upledger).  After I had been working on him for a bit, I received the knowledge that he was going to have to throw up.  I questioned: is there something I can do to help him avoid this unpleasantness?  I was informed that it would be far better for him to throw up.  I told my son he would be throwing up.  Ten minutes after he got off the table, he did.  He said, 'I can feel the anger leaving my body'.  He threw up three more times over the next 12 hours.  Each time he seemed content to 'feel the anger' leaving his body.

Since that session, his improvements are impressive.  The biggest difference is he seems to be able to choose to let go of anger whenever it arises. He is capable of reframing, seeing other points of view and letting go of personal hurts. The nicest differences are his ability to be kind and considerate, polite and thoughtful.  I used the word 'ability' because it seemed he was truly unable or blocked before the treatment.

In September of 2014, I discussed offering this treatment with the mother of a teenage daughter.  Her daughter had a history of extreme fits of temper.  I wanted to talk with the girl first and see, if she was interested.  I prepared to talk to her by talking to my son.  I asked him, "What would you say to another teenager, if no one else was around, about getting craniosacral treatment?"  

"Do it!  It will change your life totally!" was his immediate and enthusiastic response.

The girl agreed to treatment.  The first session was unremarkable.  The second session included a great release of anger.  I had the impression of steam coming out of her ears like a cartoon character when it 'blows it's top'.  We have continued on a weekly schedule.  After the 8th session, I asked her if she felt the treatments were helping her with her mental clarity and emotional balance.  She replied, "Absolutely!"

Her mother reports that for the first month her daughter appeared very quiet.  And then she tells me that her daughter broke off an abusive relationship with a young man. Our most recent session indicates her daughter is finding her own sense of self empowerment.

I am in awe.  This body work is the most amazing treatment, I have ever brought to the table.


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