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Beyond the Body

When 'wholing' is necessary for healing one must include work beyond physical means to recover peaceful well-being.


Some times chronic complaints resist resolution until issues of the Spirit are addressed.


I am available to consult on matters of soul retrieval and energy clearing, and spirit guide connection.  This work is not for everyone.  Some people are not ready to 'wake up' and they find this work untenable.  Even those who welcome this work find it challenging.  If it is right for you at this time and if I am the right person for you, then I will work with you.  If you feel strongly drawn please send me an email using the link on the left.


If you would like to be included in the trance group work I lead, send me an email with your contact information.  I will send you notice when there is an upcoming event. 


I am available to guide you or a group of your friends through a trance communication with spirit.  Send me an email with the details of your request and I will send you a menu of possibility along with prices.

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