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My approach to clients comes from my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.  This understanding of balancing health was developed over thousands of years observing people and their food, environment, emotions, activities, health history, time of year, and many more details that create the current health of a client.

I began my herbal education with Patricia Kyritsi Howell partnered by Althea Northage-Orr. This provided TCM training using herbs from the western world. I instinctively understood the model and it made perfect sense to me immediately; almost as if I had been a Chinese healer before this time. Often people note the word Chinese in my training and assume incorrectly that I deal in Chinese herbs and formulas. Although I am versed in many 'Chinese' herbs such as the ginsengs, ginkgo, schisandra, etc. I do not peddle chinese patent formulas.  I create formulas for individuals based on Chinese principals for formulation.  One of these teachings is known as the Eight Parameters for describing a condition: acute/chronic, internal/external, hot/cold, wet/dry.  This is valuable information in selecting from the many different types of herbs.  Since a cough can be wet or dry, the best remedy would be the one that brings in balance.  A medicine that is formulated based on an individual's detailed health picture will bring balance.  Over the counter medicine will often address most strongly one particular aspect of dis-ease.  In the United States the drugstore rememdies are usually intended to ignore the body and keep on going regardless of its needs.  Think of the products that claim to keep working for 24 hours.  It is not healthy to work for 24 hours straight.  The body has many rhythms and it is best to avoid overriding them when possible. 

My approach is to honor the individual wisdom of the whole person including lifestyle.  Using that as my basis, I offer the elements that will promote balance and flexibility.

In addition to my TCM training, I studied with Stephen Harrod Buhner learning Sacred Plant Medicine.  This is a communication between plant and person that is used by indigenous health care providers all around the world.  This is the information coveted by the pharmaceutical industry.  I use this training to inform my plant remedies for individuals.

I offer information to my clients in a way that is immediately useful for personal empowerment.


"Plants are like people; a good herbalist is a great matchmaker!"





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