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 CranioSacral is the truest form of beneficial deep tissue work.  Using craniosacral work as taught by the Upledger Institute, the spinal cord and the membrane system of the brain can be treated. This work eases the soft tissues between all the bony hard places from skull to hips to feet.  When the soft tissues have more room, the nerves are happy.  When the nerves are happy, everybody's happy!

 CranioSacral work takes place beneath most people's conscious awareness. The head, body and feet are touched lightly giving the body permission to shift and rebalance.  This light approach by the therapist avoids the natural response of body armoring that is triggered by a heavier touch.

 My first experience was in the year 2000.  I made an appointment for CS when I noticed I had started walking on the outer edges of my feet.  I lay down on the treatment table fully clothed.  The therapist moved around and touched me very lightly in a variety of places.  When she told me she was done, I was incredibly relaxed and wanted to stay longer.  I could not tell she had done anything, until I got off the table and found myself walking normally again!  Craniosacral therapy seemed magically effective.  

30 minute craniosacral therapy $35

60 minute craniosacral therapy $62

90 minute craniosacral therapy $87

House call add $10  

House call with massage table set up add $30

3. Foot Reflexology is a comprehensive method for assessing the body for tension and imbalances and stuck energy.  If you are not sure what to tell me about your body, your feet can speak for you.

 I use gentle pressure on the feet reflex points to enhance the overall massage experience as well as allow treatment of places that can not be directly touched due to location or injury.

When I first learned about the science of reflexology, I worked on a friend with a painful black bruise the size of a bowling ball on her hip.  I worked the hip reflexes on the same side foot. The next day she called to tell me the bruising was down by 80%!

I was sold on this technique.  I took a more extensive class (and another).  During class, my adrenal gland reflexes were treated thoroughly.  For two weeks, I did not need or even crave coffee!

Reflexology 60 minutes $58

Reflexology 90 minutes  $72

House call add $10

House call with massage table set up add $30

Your experience:

"The map is not the territory."  The words above are less than what you will experience.  They are a hint, a clue and a guide for making your choice. To schedule or not to schedule.  Your experience will be much richer than words on a page.  It is up to you to accept this opportunity.

 Pre-paring for your bodywork session:

 Come as you are or optimize your experience with the following suggestions.

     1. Drink 16 oz of water with an alkaline ph of 7.5 or greater.  

     2. Dress in comfortable flexible clothes OR be prepared to undress to your underwear/panties.

     3. Know that your body and your feet will be loved no matter the condition.

It is best to avoid scheduling anything immediately following your appointment.

Some people have really great energy at the end of a session. Some people leave wanting to do nothing for the rest of the day.

You may request to finish with up tempo energy OR you may let your body decide to continue achieving deeper levels of restoration after your session with rest and relaxation.

The treatment is only a beginning and your body will continue to assimilate the benefits for you over the next few days. If you desire to make significant changes, I recommend a series of sessions.  The body opens up for more, the work gets richer and the value becomes greater!


 I love to do this work.

Contact Calhoun 850-716-5304 or send an email to calhountree@

appointments for house calls are by referral, it's easy just give me the name of someone who knows what a good person you are.











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