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I have a history of head, neck and back injuries from car accidents that has been complicated by migraines, sinus infections and TMJ. I've had various types of bodywork for years: physical therapy, chiropractic, reiki, and massage therapy, tried hypnotism, acupuncture, supervised exercise programs and pain medications. Without a doubt, the bodywork offered to me in treatments with Calhoun has been the most effective. Initially, I thought it was due to her skill as a massage therapist. But as my injuries and pain have continued to heal, I've  realized that being successfully treated by Calhoun is more than simply having access to her holistic blend of knowledge and healing. She uses herbal and massage therapy combined with a uniquely intuitive means of knowing the precise approaches that work best with my situation each time. Unlike some practitioners, when Calhoun listens, you feel heard, and deeply cared for, and this translates into healing on every level.

Terra Shute


"This is a letter of affirmation to the skills of Calhoun Stallings.

In my seventieth year, after a decade of debilitating pain in my hands, I began to receive treatment for that pain from Calhoun.  Initially, she began with some gentle hand massage.  Then, after a full assessment of musculoskeletal system, we began a biweekly schedule of treatments designed to correct several imbalances.  These included having one shoulder higher than the other, having my head chronically tilted to one side, and having a mild twist to my spine which threw my gait off.

The first thing we worked on for my hand pain was the imbalance of the tension in my neck muscles.  That made some improvement of the pain by relieving pressure on nerves to my hands and arms.  We then moved along to the muscles in the front of my chest (the pecs).  This has almost completely relieved the pain in my hands.  Calhoun further recommended a series of stretches for the chest muscles to maintain the improvement.

As we have worked on all of these imbalances over the last year, my posture has improved to such an extent that I have regained a quarter inch in height!  I thought that height was lost simply through aging.  It was regained through improvement in my alignment.

We continue our every two week sessions to maintain the improvement in pain and to further correct the other various imbalances."

Paula Montgomery, Pensacola, Florida



"I think you should know just how awesome YOU ARE!!! We just love the time we spend with you and the brilliant results we feel!  "

Maggie Lovins


"you really know how the body works and how to make it work more efficiently and pain free . . . Thanks for all you have done for my body over the past couple of years . . ."

Laura Vaughn


"The main thing I want to say is thank you for the privilege of being your AP instructor.  As I indicated in our last class, I used to look forward to teaching you guys because it just felt good to be around you.  I would just sit there and bask in the warm and benevolent energy that seemed to spontaneously radiate from you as your minds were trying to comprehend the lesson   And now that you have successfully completed one of the most in-depth and intense massage programs in the country, your innate healing presence has a tangible vehicle to ride in.  With massage you can touch peoples lives and promote healing in ways not possible with any other healing art.  I'm sure you already knew that, but its good to be reminded.

Thank you, for being who are, and for touching my life.  May God bless you in many ways, and among those ways, may you be blessed with health, happiness and prosperity.  And, please do stay in touch."

Rudy Scarfalloto


 The following testimonials are from my shamanic herbalist practice.


 "Your vision . . .how beautiful and how fitting. . . .you have hit my current situation perfectly. . . .thank you.  Looked up the lyrics (could not remember all the words). . . .incredibly powerful . . . right on target.  You truly have a gift."

Peace and Love, B.B.


"The combination of Calhoun's powerful listening, intuition and visioning, and vast knowledge of nutrition and the body systems creates an exquisite experience."



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